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Optical filters

Display screens, company logos, status messages, symbols and keys on control panels must be in all environmental situations clearly readable, user-friendly and reliable. This in complete darkness to bright day-and sunlight. In addition to optical solutions for the visual finish of lit zones, light diffusion or opaque treatment, we integrate technical solutions for the functionality of your interface or device. For all the techniques of keys, mechanical to tact switches, sensors to capacitive readout we can build lighting solutions and functional elements and provide it into the control panel from metal, glass or engineering plastics. Metagra Industry has a unique expertise in hybrid printing as solution for any desired layout.

Invisible symbols that can light up from any background-color to invisible IR-pass filter or RFID communication. Recent developments make even 3D three-dimensional lighting possible.



  • color filters
  • opaque filters
  • diffuse chambers
  • diffuse filters
  • light-guides
  • light reflectors
  • mirror coatings
  • anti-crosstalk filters
  • deadfront (secret until lit)
  • selectively illuminated background colors
  • IR filter
  • EMI-ESD shielding
  • RFID
  • privacy filters
  • polarizer
  • 3D micro-engraving
  • anti-reflection filters