Metagra Industry


Metagra Industry is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe of:

  • printed front and control panels made of plastic, metal and glass
  • milled panels and bezels made of plastic and anodised aluminium
  • graphical finish panels for RFID applications
  • coverlens for projected capacitive touchscreens, – switches, – sliders (PCT – PCAP)
  • membrane keyboards
  • metal housings, printed and/or coated, custom 19″ housings
  • support plates, sheet-metal work
  • name and type plates made of plastic and metal
  • publicity panels

We provide our services to our clients in many industries : electronics, test and measurement devices, domotics, lighting industry, medical sector, (tele)communication, “white products” (washing machines,…), automotive, …

At our engineering department, we have experts in graphic, mechanical and electronic designing. As a result of investments, technical research and intensive cooperation with our clients we are competitive and efficient, offer quality and succeed in offering an even wider range of products.