Metagra Industry


Milled parts

Starting from metal alloys (aluminium, brass) or plastics (PC polycarbonate, PMMA acrylic, PVC) Metagra Industry offers with milling technique front- and operating panels, bezels, mounting frames, chassis-parts up to complete cabinets. Finished with anodisation, powder coating or wet lacquer and completed with printing or precision engraving we can realize a high quality visual finish.


Milled parts3NEW

Aluminium frontpanels can be finished with a brushed or grinded topside texture and colored during the anodisation process. Rich in contrast text and symbols with screenprinting technique. The facilities for mounting extra components for input and output devices are seamlessly integrated.


Front & bedieningspanelen alanox1NEW

Aluminium with printed symbols and colored areas embedded and protected into the anodisation, the typical metal aspect is visible through the printing.

Milled parts2NEW

Aluminium frontpanel: mounting holes and cavity with grinded topside surface, natural color anodisation.

Milled parts1NEW

Complete cabinet in solid aluminium, natural color anodisation, grinded topside texture. The mounting facilities are integrated for direct mounting of keypad buttons and PCB electronics.


Logo and text realized with precision engraving and milling technique. With coloring anodisation or lacquered finish a stylish and aesthetic alternative for printing.

With the flexibility of our extended machine park we can easily make multiple OEM versions with different logo types.