Metagra Industry

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Metal housings

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Metagra-Industry is specialised in high-quality, visual products and it can also manufacture custom housings and sheet-metal work for you.


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The plates are cut to size with a punch or laser cutter or with a mill for a high-quality finish. Numerically controlled folding machines fold the piece. For mounting, threaded pins, distance bushes or nuts can be impressed or welded. It is also possible to spot weld various parts.

Custom 19"

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Metagra-Industry has the advantage that they can also do the coating (wet or powder coating), anodising, or chromating of aluminium housing and/or the printing. For example we can print logos or texts directly onto a coated 19” housing.



Complete chassis parts in bended and surface treated metal.


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For the raw material, you have a choice of various thicknesses and qualities of aluminium, stainless steel, aluzinc, zincor or steel plate.

As an alternative to the productions above, Metagra-Industry also has a series of eccentric and hydraulic presses with which products with moulds can be punched, folded, impressed, etc. This results in a high-quality finish for the project, whilst guaranteeing continuity of quality due to the moulds.