Metagra Industry



Metagra Industry offers a range of frontlayers in high-quality plastic polymers, from simple versions with cut-outs and holes to complete overlays above tactile switches with windows for displays, touchscreens or LED’s. Optional embossings above the LED-windows increase drastically the viewing angle for emergency output indications. Switch areas can be optionally preformed with dome or relief embossing to support the tactile ergonomic performance of the underlying tact-switches. As stylish aspect the lay-out can be completed with transparant filter colors, metallic colors, secret-until-lit filter areas, diffusing filters, selective illuminated background color, or completed with scratch-protection and antiglare treatment for display-areas.

Embossed keys


Frontlayer with high gloss aspect, relief embossed switch area's. The embossing can be realised in different shapes: oval, triangle, round, symbol, outline (rim-embossing)...



Premounted on carrier

Front & bedieningspanelen kunststof3NEW

Frontlayer premounted on metal carrier, selective illuminated switch areas, fasteners for direct mounting of PCB and milled recess for connection and positioning of integrated components.