Metagra Industry

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Front- & operating panels


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With regard to plastic we can use both low-cost (PVC, PP, etc.) and high-end (PC polycarbonate, PET polyester, PMMA acrylic) materials.

Technical plastics can have a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, or glossy top layer to guarantee optimum durability.

The keys can be changed: dome, flat or edged embossing accentuates the keys and can make the keys feel tactile when pressed. A transparent LED window can also be finished with domeshaped or flat embossing.

The backside is usually given a coat of glue. Coats of glue for adhesion to LSE (Low Surface Energy) surfaces are available from stock.

Very high quality screen printing glue can be used for standard applications, which is an economical solution.


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Special applications:

  • front film with Braille print on the front
  • mirror-effect printing
  • metallic color printing
  • transparent filter colours and dead fronts ("secret until lit")
  • application of selective UV-varnishes to give polyester a structure, or windows an optically transparent or anti-glare appearance



With regard to metal we work with aluminium and stainless steel on a high-gloss, brushed, sanded or satinated surface.

The aluminium is anodised, chromated or varnished, all with the possibility of printing in any RAL or Pantone colour.

Depending on the finish requested, the plates are punched, cut or milled, and selectively etched for recessed switch areas. For assembly we can provide a coat of glue or impress or weld pins/threaded bushes/nuts.

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Special applications:

  • aluminium with appearance of stainless steel
  • stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating
  • recessed switch areas for sensor detection


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In reply to recent developments, we offer printed glass panels. These glass fronts are cut to size using high-precision milling technique.

Your design is transferred to the glass plate by means of screen printing. A solution if offered by high-cover inks, transparent filter colours, dead-front colours,...

Various types of glass are available: standard float glass, thin glass, extra clear glass, borosilicate, safety glass, anti-reflection glass or mat glass,...

Most types of glass can be hardened thermally or chemically.

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The printed glass panels can be foreseen with a backside adhesive, mounted in an aluminium bezel,...


  • displays
  • touch panels for capacitive applications (PCAP - PCT)
  • RFID panels
  • Finish panels for 3D Sensing and Gesture Recognition
  • lighting industry
  • control panels for industrial applications